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Snow Conditions

The Pennsylvania Cross Country Ski Association (PACCSA) provides the best information on western PA and western NY https://www.paccsa.org/. PACCSA provides site maps, Web Cams, trail update reports, races, local rental info, trail maintenance info for the Laurel Highlands, SW PA and more.

NOAA latest weather is found at this location. Type in your desired location name or zip, then scroll down past the forecast office name. Change the location by clicking on the index map. For the snow report, scroll near the bottom to CURRENT CONDITIONS>SNOW.

National Snow Fall Accumulation These are not current depths because of settling, wind and/or melting.

Detailed local info on recent snowfall is here, as an example. Put in your desired location.

Detailed forecasts for specific areas are here: The 10 day Weather Channel. Put in your desired location

The NOAA latest predictions are here Click on the diagram for the appropriate time period you desire.

The NOAA Long Term Forecast USA Map for temperature and precip is here.

Please address any additions, corrections or issues with any of the locations on this map to Ralph Heimlich

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The map data base is here for htm and here for SS. Some of the info may be out of date. Send any updated info to Ralph Heimlich